Create a Song

Creating a song, perhaps which is not difficult matter for a musician. in indonesia, so many names of the musicians who are very productive in creating the songs. just call Melly Goeslaw, Yovie Widianto, Ahmad Dhani, or Dewiq. many popular songs born from their, music of indonesia is so enthusiastic with the work that created it. either for themselves or create songs for sung by other performers. there are so many new performers who can name is popular, and songs into sing hit after the creation of one of the songs such as Melly Goeslaw. or the senior performers such as Rossa, never render the creation of Melly Goeslaw. and now this, appears the name of a very powerful in creating the songs. Dewiq, very productive to create songs that average to be hit as well.

How about us (me too) are still as beginners, if want to create a good song, and hopes to be hit?

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