Cynthia Dewi Bayu Wardhani or better known with the name Dewiq, was born in Makassar, on June 15, 1975. She is a musician, singer, and songwriter of Indonesia. but Dewiq more famous as a songwriter that create the songs and sung by other singers/bands. Dewiq's name always compared with other famous songwriter, Melly Goeslaw. Dewiq create songs in different types of music with the flow of the special character and unique. Dewiq is the wife of BIP band & ex-Slank guitarist, Pay Siburian. before popular as the creator of many hit songs, Dewiq is a soloist singer and was released 3 abum. but the presence of Dewiq as a singer less popular in indonesia's music industry. and then Dewiq decided to become a creator of songs for other artists/bands. the first track, which is her song creation is "Dunia Belum Berakhir" brought by the band, Shaden, and "Bukan Cinta Biasa" by Siti Nurhaliza. that songs as well toss the name of Shaden and Siti Nurhaliza more popular. and, Dewiq got many requests to make a song from many singers/bands. after that, there are so many songs of Dewiq creation that "always success" after sung by another singers/bands. then not surprisingly, Dewiq called as a "Hits Maker".
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