Melly Goeslaw

If mention the name of a musician of indonesia that's very productive to create so many song hits, all will agree, if one refers to this name, is Melly Goeslaw. women who have the original name of Mellyana Goeslaw, was born in Bandung on January 7, 1974, is an indonesian singer and songwriter who was popular to orbit many indonesian performers. Melly Goeslaw started known since appearing with the Potret band as vocalist, in mid of 90's ago. prankish lyrics that are presented by this band, immediately liked the music lovers. and because the Melly's appearance is very unique. begin at that time, the name of Melly Goeslaw immediately popular and required a lot of other performers to create a song. Evidently, many songs are hits. such as ' Menghitung Hari' sung by Krisdayanti, 'Tegar' by Rossa, and 'Jera' by Agnes Monica. with the songs are simple lyrics but have great harmony tone, Melly's name more popular in indonesia's music industry. with the songs creates that sung who own, with her band, duet, and sung by other performers is always be the hits. all that is not separated from the support of her husband, Antoe hoed, who is also as Potret's bass player, is genius for arrangement of Melly's creation. besides, Melly Goeslaw with Anto Hoed more often involved in making the soundtrack album for the film rather than personal project. that is when make a full album soundtrack for the sucsess film such as, "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" (2002), "Ayat-Ayat Cinta", and the latest film is "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih" (2009).

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