Yovie Widianto

Yovie Widianto is an indonesian musician, composers, song creator, keyboardist, that was born in Bandung on January 21, 1968. He is also known as one of the founders of the band, Kahitna. and some years, Yovie Widianto busy with a personal music project and formed the band Yovie & The Nuno. In addition, Yovie Widianto also known as the great songs creator and has so many songs hits in the music industry of Indonesia. He was even more successful orbit songs with much performers through His creators with the nuances of love, such as Rio Febrian, Audy, Pinkan Mambo, Astrid, and many others. in 2005, Yovie Widianto released the album A Portrait of Yovie, collection of the best songs of Him and sung by the famous singers that have been raised by Yovie Widianto. This is an appreciation for the best works of Yovie Widianto who have much contributed in indonesia's music history.

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