KahitnaKahitna is an Indonesian pop band that come from Bandung, Indonesia. Kahitna was formed at around 1986 year, and formed by Yovie Widianto (Keyboardist). with the theme of love in their lyrics, but Kahitna can combine elements of jazz, pop, fusion, latin and even to ethnic ingredients in the form of a decoy. Kahitna is a band that has creating a lot of hits songs. Kahitna popular as indonesian popular band in it's initial emergence in the indonesia's music industry with the hits song "Cerita Cinta". Yovie Widianto figure in this band that can not be separated in Kahitna success at this time. Yovie Widianto create almost all the songs of Kahitna. Yovie currently busy with his music project with established Yovie & The Nuno.

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