Pinkan Mambo

Pinkan Ratnasari Mambo or better known as Pinkan Mambo was born in Jakarta, November 11, 1980, is an indonesia's pop singer. Pinkan formerly known as the Ratu vocalist with Maia Estianty. before joining with Ratu, Pinkan is backing vocal in Dewa 19, the former by husband of Maia, is Ahmad Dhani. Pinkan then resigned from Ratu of the end of 2004 and choose to solo career. as a Ratu's singer, Pinkan appear with the style typical of "coquettish". but after a solo career, Pinkan look very natural and seemed more elegant. The first single from solo album Pinkan song is titled "Dirimu Dirinya" powerful creation composers Melly Goeslaw. Pinkan is now separated from the image coquettish of the Ratu vocalist, and have got appreciation from music lovers of top performers as indonesian singer.

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Hit Song : Dirimu Dirinya

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