Yovi & The Nuno

Yovie & The Nuno is a band that was formed at around 2001 year. but the previous name of this band is Yovie & Nuno and then 3 year later changed into Yovie & The Nuno. originally, this is a personal music project. This band is a derivative of a great musician indonesia, Yovie Widianto, who is also the personnel and songs creator from his band Kahitna. Yovie & Nuno only consists of Yovie Widianto as a creator, added by the 2 vocalist and a guitarist. this band realized is a form of Yovie Widianto's music idealism that can not be issued in Kahitna. The band's first album is titled "Semua Bintang". Yovie Widianto reputation as the great creator of many hit songs also donated his work for many other solo singers, and this band also very smoothly and quickly achieve success. success over of Yovie & The Nuno, Yovie Widianto seems concentration in this band and a little moment forget for Kahitna who have not long released new album. peak of the success is when the band released the third album entitled "The Special One" with hit song, "Menjaga Hati".

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The best band this years...:-)

Selamat Anonymous dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
Thanks for your comment