Java Jive

Java Jive is an Indonesia's Band from Bandung with the type of music is "Pop Creative" in 1993. Java Jive name taken from one of the title track vocal group Manhattan Transfer. Java Jive obtain contracts from the first "Musica Studio's" in 1993, The song "Kau Yang Terindah" from their first album directly pupular name of Java Jive. after nine years not released an album (even though in 2006 was reunion in the best album title of the'1993-2006), Java Jive released "Stay Gold" with hit single "Hilang" in July 2008. Java Jive not productive in making the album, because the press of some of its personnel to make them like that. Capung (Guitarist) busy with the producer to be the new bands. Capung is a musician behind the successful bands such as Peterpan, Nidji, d'Masiv, and there are still some bands from Capung's successful development of the band. Fatur (Vocalist) is busy with His project solo album.
Official Site : - Hit Song : Kau Yang Terindah

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