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Peterpan is an Indonesian band that was formed in Bandung, West Java, at around 1997. Peterpan is a Phenomenal band in the 20th century of indonesia's music history. Peterpan is one of several bands that had success for album selling up to 3 million copy in the first album released. it's very fantastic! considering thriving of piracy in Indonesia. Peterpan's musical journey, is like most other bands. is like a gig at the music festival, or a filler show at the cafe.

Peterpan's dreams to be a top band in Indonesia started in 2001 by reaching from café to café in Bandung. They play with brought of Top 40 songs, and alternative rock band like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, U2, Creed, etc. and when Peterpan performs in a café, their music potential seen by "Kang Noey" (Java Jive bassist) who are looking for a band to fill out a compilation album. Of three song demo was sent to, "Sahabat", "Mimpi Yang Sempurna", and "Taman Langit", was chosen the song, "Mimpi Yang Sempurna" to put in a compilation album "Kisah 2002 Malam" and released in july, 2002. great, this album success in the music industry, and catapulted the Peterpan band's name a popular band.

After the success of these, a year later peterpan released the first full album under StudioMusica's label with the album title "Taman Langit". unexpected, this album produced several hits song like "Sahabat", "Topeng", "Aku dan Bintang", and "Mimpi yang Sempurna". amazing, the album was successful in the market and get the Multi-platinum awards for the band that could sell albums over 600.000 copies.

Peterpan success continues to the second album released. even worse, Peterpan's second album "Bintang di Surga", sold up to 3 million copies.

2005 year, is the year of triumph for Peterpan. not only in terms of album sales, but also awards. In early 2005, Peterpan has won an award as favorite artist of Indonesia in MTV Asia Aid on May 9, 2005 in Bangkok. then in Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) 2005, Peterpan get the nominations with 11 nominations. 4 of them printed through the song "Ada Apa Denganmu". Of the 11 nominations, Peterpan won 7 awards. and many other awards.

Still in the 2005 year, Peterpan re-released 2 album. Although that time they did not release the 'main' album. the album is, VCD Untuk Sahabat Peterpan containing original VCD Karaoke including video clips and documentation as they perform concert for a record breaking in 24 hours at 6 cities. and one other album is soundtrack album of Alexandria Movie.

After achieving success in recent years, problems in the band started to happen. begins when Andika (Keyboardist) and Indra (Bassist), out of Peterpan. The two former personnel eventually formed another band, The Titans. Post-discharge Andika and Indra, their position is occupied by two additional musicians, they are Lucky and David. With this additional personnel, Peterpan released the album, "Hari Yang Cerah" (2007). and then released the album "Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita" (2008). This album is claimed as their last album with the name "Peterpan". Ariel (vocals) claimed that they will eventually change the name of Peterpan and use another name.

This is the end of the story "Peterpan musical journey", which has become an important part of Indonesia's music history Indonesia, as one of the best band in indonesia.
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