d'Masiv is an indonesian phenomenal band that was first established in Jakarta on March 3, 2003. Their names popular after the success as a champion of a music competition, A Mild Live Wanted in 2007. after that, d'Masiv get opportunity for recordings. and in the year 2008, d'Masiv released their first album entitled "Perubahan" with the hits song "Cinta Ini Membunuhku". great!!!, because this album is very successful in the music industry of indonesia. not only that, almost all the songs in this album became hits. and make d'Masiv as one of indonesian top band because their popularity songs. d'Masiv's music trip had encountered problems with many peoples, their repertoire songs is the result of the plagiarism of songs from bands abroad. however, it did not prevent d'Masiv to still existence in musics. and in 2009, d'Masiv released a new mini-album which contains two song titled "Mohon Ampun Aku" and "Jangan Menyerah", as well as verification of their existence in indonesia's music industry.

  • Artist page : d'Masiv (on facebook)
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