Nidji is a popular Indonesian band, that was formed at aroun 2002 year. debuting their first album is "Breakthru" released at end of 2005, with several hit song is "Hapus Aku", "Kau dan Aku", etc, and this album has been sold over 300,000 copies and received double platinum award from Musica Studio's. The band’s name is derived from the Japanese word is niji, which means rainbow, but the band members added the letter “d” to add the more Indonesian taste to it. Nidji also reflects the different music influences such as progressive, funk, alternative and pop. The band’s range of influences such as The Beatles, Coldplay, L'Arc-en-ciel, Keane, U2, etc. Nidji also famous as a band that well to create of english songs. some songs is quite famous is "Child", "Disco Lazy Time", etc. and even one of Nidji's song, entitled" Shadow" is selected by Star World television network to be a theme song of Serial movie, Heroes Season 3 in Asia. This is the second time the Nidji's song is used for theme song of Heroes movie after the single "Heaven" in the previous season. Nidji's peak of success is when one of the songs, namely "Laskar Pelangi" as the soundtrack of demand indonesia's movie, Laskar Pelangi.

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