Krisdayanti, or often called with abbreviated name by KD, Yanti or Kris, was born in Malang, East Java, March 24, 1975, is an amazing indonesian singer, artist, and model. KD began famous as a singer after be a champion of Asia Bagus music festival in Japan in 1992. Seeing as the winner in Asia, KD got opportunity for recording the album in Singapore with the label Pony Canyon and released the single that is only circulating in Singapore and Japan. since that time, KD blossom into powerful singer of indonesia. and even in asia. KD's the most popular song is "Menghitung Hari", wich is this song is a creator of the best song creator of indonesia at this time, Melly Goeslaw. KD is also the wife of indonesian rock musician, Anang Hermansyah. as is destiny, KD and Anang not only a pair of living in harmony, but also as a pair great musician and had makes a duet album entitled "Cinta" in 1996. besides, KD is one of the personnel of the music group that consists of 3 best indonesian performers, called 3 Diva (Di3va) with Titi DJ and Ruth Sahanaya. not quite up to here, see the complete profile of KD here.

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