Ruth Sahanaya

Ruth Sahanaya was born in Bandung on September 1, 1966, is an Indonesian Pop Singer and regarded as one of the Diva of indonesia's music with Krisdayanti and Titi DJ, and that they make a music group called 3 Diva (now the name changed to DI3VA). Ruth Sahanaya is familiar with called name "Uthe". began as a popular name indonesia's pop singer after the first album released in 1987 entitled "Seputih Kasih" with the hit song that is phenomenal at that time "Kaulah Segalanya." Uthe's name is also famous abroad. one of the Festival was attended by Uthe, among others "Midnight Sun Song Festival in Finland (1992), obtained the title of "Grand Prix Winner." Strengths of her vocal anesthetize afford a typical ear of the listener in a manner that is ineffable. Uthe is truly indonesian performers who have quality and are very difficult compared with other performers. at least until now....

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