Titi DJ

Titi DJ was born in jakarta on May 27,1966, is a great Indonesian pop singer. Titi DJ started her singing career in 1984. She's one of the best indonesia's female singer's at least 15 years until now. she is one of the three Indonesian divas that formed a group together with Krisdayanti and Ruth Sahanaya called 3 Diva (and now changed with Di3va). In 2005, is the peak of Her music career. She was make a single concert that is Titi DJ Sang Dewi Live in Concert. Concerts are held in the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, on September 30, 2005, with Tohpati as music director and also Alex Hassim as creative director. Not only successful as a song, album, and the theme of the concert, song "Sang Dewi", also inspiring Dwi Ilalang to make the film of the "Sang Dewi (2007). perfect...

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