Soundrenaline 2009

Soundrenaline is one of the biggest music event in Indonesia. music event held each year involves a lot of musicians, the audience crowded, a big stage, and the great lighting and more attractions like in a music party mostly. music event which always brings a special message of every year and visits various cities in Indonesia within a year, and each year always visits different cities.  Soundreanline is very similar with the world music party like "Woodstock", which is a parade of music from the best musicians in the world.

Soundrenaline first held in 2002 in Jakarta, which takes the theme 'Experience 'Em All' and presenting by 45 top indonesian bands and spectators were present when it reached 45 thousand peoples. And this year (2009), Soundrenaline held in Bali at November 15, 2009, which presents 40 bands with got the theme, 'Lead the Beat'.

The high public interest is a bit more due to the presence of over 40 musicians from various genres that appear in Soundrenaline 2009. Some of which are GIGI, Slank, Mulan Jameela, The Virgin, Sheila On 7, Nidji and the most awaited musician, Balawan, which is a guitarist from Bali. In Soundrenaline this year does not involve foreign artists like the previous years.
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