Sheila On 7

Sheila on 7 is the name of a popular Indonesia's band that come from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their band who have make a new record selling album in around 2000 with album selling up to 2 million copies. Sheila On 7 became popular as an indonesian top band after released the frst album with hits song titled "Kita". The self-titled debut was enough of a hit to warrant subsequent albums seeing release in neighboring countries, bringing the music of Sheila on 7 to nations like Malaysia and Singapore. Erros Candra is brain of the band, He's created almost all of Sheila on 7 song's. and now Eross Candra is currently working on his solo/side-project band called Jagostu Band, the upcoming album is scheduled to be released on June 2007 via Sony BMG Indonesia.

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mantb nunggu lagu terbaru nya nihh yang abis haribersamanya apa ya???

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