Mel Shandy

Mel Shandy, is a name that can not be released from the indonesia's rock music history, especially slow rock music genre, which reached peak popularity in the 90's era in indonesia. Mel Shandy's name reasonable enough in a collocation with the performers in this music genre, such as Nike Ardilla, Nicky Astria, Inka Christie, etc. Mel Shandy was born in Bandung on september 26, 1971. During Her career as a singer She has produced 6 albums, is "Bianglala" (1989), "Nyanyian Badai", "Ngeri" (with Metal Boy), "Nyanyian Janji", "Apa Salahku", and "Si Komar" (1999 ). In addition, Mel SAhandy has also made several song's single, among others, "Sesal", Biang Keladi", "Gejolak Hati", "Takdir", and "Halusinasi". than as a Lady Rocker, Mel Shandy also famous as "Qori'ah (verses of holy Al-Qur'an) is reliable.

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