Inka Christie

Inka ChristieRinni Chries Hartono or better known as Inka Christie, was born in Bali, on January 20, 1973. She is an Indonesian singer of exist in the Slow Rock and Pop music path. Inka Christie started famous after sing a song "Cinta Kita" and "Gambaran Cinta", who collaborate with the origin of Malaysian rock singer, Amy Search. She is known not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia. as indirect, the two performers collaboration of the two countries (Indonesia & Malaysia) would get the appreciation from music lovers in the two countries, and become proud respectively. after that success, Inka Christie attempt to continue her music career with a solo career. and Inka Christie success as before and has released several album. after a long inactive in music industry, Inka Christie present again the concept of singing with the band in 2007. She became the vocalist of the band that was formed together with colleagues and the band called Q-ta, and was released a first album in 2008.

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