Nicky Astria

Nicky AstriaNicky Nastitie Karya Dewi or better known as Nicky Astria, is an indonesian singer who carries the type of rock music during the 80-90's. Nicky Astria was born in Bandung, on October 18, 1967, and she was called as "Lady Rocker". because, She's only one of the few women at that time that a female singer with exist in a rock music career. Nicky Astria's talent found by the legendary rock guitarist of indonesia namely, Ian Antono. with the ability of the great music, Ian Antono shape Nicky Astria to become a singer as a indonesia's top performers. Nicky Astria famous with the song, among other songs, "Jarum Neraka" and "Tangan-tangan Setan". Nicky Astria music career began in 1984 with the first album release entitled "Semua Untuk Cinta". and music throughout her career, Nicky Astria has released around 19 albums. that's solo album, compilation, and "The Best" album. the last album released in 2003, up to now not yet released a new album. Nicky Astria often appear as the movie stars or tv series.

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