The Rain

The rain bandThe Rain is a band comes from indonesia who is one of aligning successful bands from Yogyakarta early 2000's began to dominate the music industry of indonesia. after successful Sheila on 7, Jikustik, or Kerispatih, The Rain is able to steal the attention of indonesian music lovers. The Rain started well after the first album released with the title "Hujan Kali Ini" and resulting a hit single "Dengar Bisik ku". The Rain is the strength of the lyrics and vocal. but the quality of their music, this band can still say indifferently as other pop bands. aware of it, The Rain at this time led by musicians of "Metal" band personnel and former of famous band, Sucker Head, is Krisna J. Sadrach, who also successfully use the last album of Ungu. thus, The Rain is now able to appear more "mature", in terms of lyrics, and music harmonization.

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