Ungu is one of successful band in indonesia. that was formed at around 1996, which was initially established by Ekky (Guitar) and Makki (Bass) as only the beginning of the personnel still active until now. like most other bands, Ungu had some time to replace the personnels. and personnels which is best formation at this time is, Pasha (vocal), Rowman (Drum), Enda (Guitar), Makki (Bass), and Oncy (Guitar). some indonesian music lovers already know Ungu band since 2002, at that time with the famous songs "Bayang Semu", which is the soundtrack from TV drama titled ABG. but, Ungu is not too considered a top band at that time. major changes occurred during Ungu's third album released entitled "Melayang" with the phenomenal hit that is "Demi Waktu". This initial success of Ungu as an indonesian top band, because in the album, almost all the songs became hits and get double platinum for success of album sales. since that time, Ungu is in the top popularity and get many various awards. not only in Indonesia, Ungu is also successful in the neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam.

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