IpangIpang that has the full name is Irfan Fahri Lazuardy, born at January, 6, 1972, is an indonesian men singer. With the "unique" performers make this singer has distinctive characteristics of the other singers. Ipang's vocal character is very unique sound with the timbre and heavy rock. advised, because Ipang is the former vocalist of an indonesia's rock n roll famous band that is Plastik. out from this band, Ipang pull in by the other famous rock n roll band, BIP. and He's still recorded as a vocalist of BIP. but of late, Ipang often appear as a soloist involved and singing duet with great singers/musicians such as Dewiq, or Sheila Marcia. In addition duet with Dewiq, Ipang also sing the song "Sahabat Kecil" from the soundtrack for "Laskar Pelangi" the movie, and make Him increasingly exist as a soloist.
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