BIP bandBIP is an Indonesian band which is a combination of great musicians of indonesia. BIP creativity born of three former ex-musicians of the Slank, are Pay Siburian, Bongky Marcell, and Indra Qadarsih, who at once issued by Slank is in conflict. Once satisfied with the music project each for about four years, finally Bongky, Indra, and Pay agree to establish a new band called BIP at around April 2000. BIP stands of their initials names, Bongky, Indra and Pay, and then strengthened by Irang (vocal) and Jaka (Drum). They released the first album of the title "Turun dari Langit" (2001) with hits single "Skak Mat". However, in early March 2003, Irang decided to resign from the BIP. April 2003, coinciding with the album released "The Best of BIP". Instead, they invite Ipang (Plastik Band vocalist) as new BIP's vocalist With the format Bongky (bass), Indra (keyboard), Pay (guitar), Jaka (drum), and Ipang (vocal), released their album "Udara Segar" (2004). until now, BIP has not released a new album and the BIP's personnel busy with each music projects.

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