Ratu is an Indonesian music group/duo with consisting of early personnel are Maia Estianty (Maia) and Pinkan Mambo. At the end of 2002, Maia Ahmad -was previously as backing vocal of Dewa 19 band-, start realize of her music ambition to form their own music group. the guidance of her husband at that time, Ahmad Dhani.

Maia feel has the ability to work alone in a music career, and that so her start form a music group that called Ratu. Ratu is a music grup of two women , one to play music (Maia) and one more singing. Ratu's main vocalist is Pinkan Mambo.

Along with the success of this group, there was internal conflict and Maia "sack" Pinkan Mambo and replaced by Mulan Kwok (now, Mulan Jameela. Maia and Mulan back exist in music industry and return pan success.

But unlucky, the case back cracks appear in Ratu. After two years get success in Ratu with Maia Ahmad, Mulan Kwok resigned as Ratu's vocalist in early 2007. At this time, Pinkan Mambo and Mulan (Jameela) choose to solo career, and Maia form new music project, and form Maia and Friends.

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