Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica Muljoto or better known by the name of Agnes Monica, was born in Jakarta, at July 1, 1986, is a singer, artist, and model of Indonesia. Agnes Monica is a singer that suddenly popular as a teenage singer who has a good vocal quality. with style funky look and energetic in every her performance, Agnes Monica became bring a new color in the music industry of indonesia. She has successfully launched a number of hits, and is obsessed to become an international singer. her career came when she was a children singer in the 90's and up to now a singer who has become one of the great artist in indonesia, with the genre's pop, r & b, and dance.

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July 31, 2009 9:51 PM ×

i love her innocent childhood but now she is too much

Selamat Raini Munti dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
Thanks for your comment