Dwiki Dharmawan at Jazz Fest Wien 2010

An international music event that brings the jazz musicians namely the Jazz Fest Wien held in Vienna, Austria. This year (2010) Jazz Fest Wien is the 20th which held from May 30 until July 9, 2010. Jazz Fest Wien was started in 1991 and has been known as a modern, urban festival with such an international reputation as one of the most Important Jazz Festivals in the world.

This music event is very special because there are Indonesian musicians involved in this music event. if last year brings an Indonesian ethnic music groups, Kua Etnika, and now at the Jazz Fest Wien 2010, Dwiki Dharmawan and Friends had the honor to represent Indonesia in this prestigious music event. They are scheduled to perform at the upcoming July 7, 2010 at the city hall of Arkandenhof, located in the heart of Vienna.

Dwiki Dharmawan will perform with Ade Rudiana (Traditional Percussion/Gamelan/Bamboo Flute/Voice), Barry Likumahuwa (Bass), Andy Suzuki (Saxophone) and Kamal Musallam (Oud - stringed musical instrument from the Middle East). and Farabi Inter Cultural Center will support it.

Dwiki Dharmawan is an Indonesian musicians that known as the musician who cares about own music culture. with the musical ability, He can compose the traditional music of Indonesia with a touch of Modern Jazz so it become a high music quality. He is also known as Krakatau Band personnel. even Worlds of Music Journal published by the United States called Krakatau as an important part of the development of world music. Since then Krakatau widely acclaim from international as it is considered successfully combines music, gamelan and other Indonesian traditional music with jazz music that has never been done before by other musicians.
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