Dwiki Dharmawan

Dwiki Dharmawan creates jazz influenced by the traditional music of Indonesia, where he came of age on the island of Java. His band, Krakatau, is acclaimed worldwide and his newest project, the World Peace Orchestra (WPO), aims to bring social harmony and consciousness to the globe. The powerful lineup of the WPO includes legendary percussionist Steve Thornton, drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr, multi-instrumentalist Roger Burn, saxophonist Andy Suzuki and featuring : Yellowjacket’s Jimmy Haslip and Russel Ferrante, Tollak Ollstad (harmonica), guitarist Frank Gambale, guitarist Marc Antoine, saxophonist Michael Paulo, Australian guitarist Guy Strazz and many more who are all helping Dharmawan create a new chapter in the evolution of jazz — while making music with a grander purpose. Dwiki Dharmawan is very proud of his nationalism and strongly believe in internasionalism, He want his generation to have spirit to always seek new ideas and innovation based on the richness of tradition, diversity and pluralism as given. Because a nation’s greatness is reflected in her arts and culture. The music of Dwiki demonstrate “practice change” of music in Indonesia. In it, Dwiki concerned with how the traditional music are able to answer the demand of new nationhood through their creativity.

taken from : Dwiki Dharmawan Official Blog

Official Site : www.dwiki.com

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