Numata is Indonesian band that consisting of 3 brotherhood who they are childs of the Indonesian singer, Tetty Kadi, namely Tantra (first child), Mhala (third child) and Inu (fifth child). Numata was formed in Bandung on July 2002 with the formation Duhita Panchatantra or Tantra (Piano), Simhala Avadana or Mhala (Vocal & Guitar) and Mahavira Vishnu Wardhana or Inu (Drums). Numata's band name actually has no special meaning. That's just their initials name, Inu, Mhala, and Tantra. Numata also is the name of a town that located near with Gunma city in Japan.

Until now Numata has released three albums. the first album titled Dengar Numata in 2004, their second album in 2007 titled Numata (self titled), with the hits song "Raja Jatuh Cinta" and "Jangan Katakan". Even in this album, Numata duet with their mother, in the song "Penjaga Hati". and third album titled 3=1 released in 2009 with the hits single "Begini Begitu" and "Pesona".

In addition to recording an album, they are also busy as the songwriter. Since March 2006 they are joined with SONY BMG Indonesia, and many of their songs became a hits by sung with others singers such as Pinkan Mambo, Audy, etc, in Indonesia music industry.

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