DenadaElizabeth Denada Anggia Ayu Tambunan or better known with Denada (born in Jakarta, December 19, 1978) is an Indonesian Singer and Actress. Denada is the daughter of legendary female singers of Indonesia in 70's, Emilia Contessa. Denada is a singer better known as Pop and Rap singer, who's the first female singer to popularize rap music in Indonesia in the era of 90's with hits song "Sambutlah". and Denada always referred as the "Queen of Rap", and "King of Rap, and Iwa K known as the "King of  Rap" at that time.

When She was in top popularity in music's career, Denada continue education in Australia. Upon returning from Australia, Denada tried to return to Indonesia's music industry but switched to the flow of Dangdut music. Denada's songs (Dangdut) quite successful and even go as superior in several music awards.

During her musical career, Denada has produced approximately seven albums. two Rap album (Kujelang Hari (Sambutlah) - 1994 & Ini Album Gue - 1997), a Pop album (Awal Baru - 2000), and four Dangdut album (Matahari, Mae, ST, One Stop Dangdut - 2007). recently, Denada yet to release a new album and even her name began to sink since busy with acting in films and TV screens.

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