Iwa K

Iwa Kusuma or better known Iwa K was born in Bandung on October 25, 1970, is a rap artist (rapper), which was a pioneer rap music Indonesia. In Indonesia, the very name Iwa already integrates with rap music. In the 80-an era, when young people are rock music fever, Iwa already started "infected" with rap music, a music genre that put more emphasis on the vocal techniques of "fast singing" than the musical instrument, but harmonious and well heard. in 1993 Iwa K brace himself as a rapper through debut album "Kuingin kembali". A year later, the form of BASF Award already in hand through the second album is titled "Topeng". with this success, making Rap music in the indonesia begin to grow and create a name women rapper, who follow Denada success Iwa K. Iwa K at this time is not hear his name again as a singer, but a famous as TV Presenter at the sports event.

Official Site : Iwa K (on Last.fm.com)
Hit Song : Kuingin Kembali

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