Harry Roesli

Harry Roesli (In Memories, 1951 - 2004) is an Indonesian contemporary music icon. Founder of Depot Kreasi Seni Bandung (DKSB) is a genius man who is very open to various forms of art. Even so open, peoples often made difficult to understand His thinking. In Harry Roseli's world is empty wild ideas, empathy for other street life, a sense of disgust against tyranny and who knows what else. on the album "Titik Api" He's blends of diatonic with pentatonic rhythms. He also ever played the rock songs from The Rolling Stones. One achievement of the peak occurs at performances of Opera Ken Arok, 1975, which took place in Bandung. Two years later His work was circulated in the form of recordings.

Roesli Fachrudin Zharsyah Djauhar or better known as Harry Roesli, born in Bandung on September 10, 1951. Harry's musical talents have sprung up even in elementary school. While sitting in elementary school, He was able to create a hymn for the school. So is the time in junior high school and continued until high school. Just to remind, at first Harry Roeslie is a Seriosa singer. In 1971 He formed a Gang Of Harry Roesli with personnel of Warnerin Albert (guitar, percussion, vocals), Iwan Abdurachman (guitar, vocals), Janto Soedjono (drums, percussion), Indra Rivai (organ, piano, percussion) and Harry Potjang (harmonica , percussion, vocals). One of the monumental album, "Philosophy Gang", showed great attention to environmental issues. Concern for social issues are also often dragged on political events. As a musician, Harry Roesli seemed to take a distance with the music industry itself. Most of His work is documented in 23 albums there is no commercially successful. Creative exploration of music Professor Rotterdam Conservatorium graduates are not only reaching the world record, but also theater and movies.
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