GeishaGeisha is an indonesian band that was formed in Pekanbaru, Riau, at December 2003. previously this band name called Jingga Band. However, because the name is already owned by other people, and was registered in HAKI (Hak Cipta dan Hak Atas Kekayaan Intelektual) -copyright and intellectual property rights- institutions copyright, eventually changed its name become Geisha.

Geisha's name taken from the Japanese language which means is reassurance, that is identical with entertaining women for the King. Although the name has connotations of women as entertainment, but the purpose is to take more positive side, is a band as the entertainer in the music industry. Geisha are very popular at this time with the song entitled "Jika Cinta Dia", which is the first debut album "Anugerah Terindah".

Geisha able to steal attention of indonesian music lovers with the power of music that simple but have good quality, and also typical vocal characteristics from their vocalist. Geisha is an A Mild Live Wanted 2007 finalists (an indie music event). with d'Masiv, the compilation album of A Mild Live Wanted 2007, Geisha make into a song "Untuk Selamanya". through this song, Geisha finally become one of repertoire artist of Musica Studio's (big indonesian major label). and this is the beginning of Geisha's successful and ready to cut through the competition in indonesia's music industry.

  • Artist Page : Geisha (on facebook)
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