Theresia Ebenna Ezeria Pardede or better known by the name Tere, is an Indonesian singer. Tere was born in Jakarta on September 2, 1979. started career in music as a backing vocal from various bands. but actually, Tere's early career as a singer was when released a single "Sendiri" which is a compilation album of Aquarius Musikindo with 10 other artists. Tere's name start as well after involved as a performers who collaborated on one song from the famous band in indonesia, Pas Band, which is in the song "Kesepian Kita" successful collaboration with, that make Her start appear as soloist singer in indonesia's music industry. and She's show with released the first album in 2001 which is "Awal Yang Indah" with the hit single "Tak Ingin Usai". in this album, Tere is not only sing songs creation of other musicians, but involved as a songwriter. Tere reinforces his career in the music after released a second album titled "Sebuah Harapan", at the end of 2003. and in 2005, Tere released third album, "Begitu Berharga". but at this time, Tere's music career likely begin play left. Tere more focus in the politics and governance.

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