Pas Band

Pas Band is a band come from Bandung with the music colors of blend rock music, hip hop, and punk. Band fitting presence of mid-90's are able to bring color to music (Rock) and is able to overthrow the new hegemony in the new music Hardrock, Classic Rock, Slow Rock, and Pop. Pas Band brings the spirit of independent music and this is a new era, the presence of music at the Alternative of indonesia. Initially, the band was born in campus start of the stage musical career-stage underground since 1989. Pas Band officially established in 1990. In 1993 the personnel is Bengbeng (guitar), Trisno (Bass), Yukie (vocal) and Richard Muttler (drums), -replaced by Sandy (ex- U'Camp) released the first album titled "EP" with indie label debut and result the hit song, "Through The Four Sap". Start In the second album "In (No ) sensation" (1995), is the early success of Pas Band and be a most successful rock bands in the indonesia at that time. this band has a lot of fans are very fanatic, so that wherever the Pas Band performs. this band has released 9 albums, and most appearing the existence in the music industry and make this band as one of the best band of indonesia at this time.

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