Purgatory is a Death Metal band from indonesia. music career that fall up through various obstacles that come no utmost to make this band more optimistic in the metal music path in indonesia. Several times on the personnel changes in the formation of this band, which is an improvement of more quality music. Purgatory released the first album in 1995, in the form of a mini album entitled "Call Abyss", contains 6 song. Purgatory's name start known to music lovers of indonesia widely, after incorporated in a compilation album "Metalik Klinik 1", which is a compilation of indonesia's metal bands such as Betrayer, Tengkorak, etc, with the hit songs are "Sakaratul Maut". from that time, Purgatory music career including as a successful metal band who have good quality. In 2005, a song titled "Inside You" is dedicated as a soundtrack from Gerbang 13 the movie. abreast of the achievements, Purgatoy's peak of the success is selected to include one of their songs titled "Downfall (The Battle of Uhud), in a project which is a compilation of music collaboration between Alfa Record (Indonesia) with Century Media (Germany), together with international metal bands like Napalm Death, Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Shadows Fall and others.

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