Tengkorak BandTengkorak, is an indonesian band name that is egregious enough, that's their vocalist named this band. This band brings the music genre is Grindcore with weight Guitar sound and fast guitar riffs. also drums techniques of super-fast (Hypercans) and vocal technique with a low (low Grunting/Growls) would spew such as the entire throat. They stage style is very extreme and brutal, plus the style of the vocalist always keep tossing himself above the stage and perform Stage Diving recurring back towards spectators. Tengkorak popular among lovers of indonesia's underground music after entry in the compilation album "Metalik Klinik 1" which is a compilation of underground bands in indonesia (with Betrayer and Hellgods). Skull in 2005, the opportunity is very plume, they are a band from the band opener Grindcore pioneers, Napalm Death that the concert in Pantai Festival Ancol (Jakarta) is titled "Grinding Indonesia" in 2005.

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