Metal Music Twist in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Metal's music or often called high-tension music, as music can be engaged in subversive and underground music, commonly called. what does not, metal bands are always seen as the higher-band turmoil, confusion, noise, rough the lyrics, etc.

Actually but not so. although noisy metal music, but to follow progression ringing tone that is eligible to enjoy. and the lyrics be expressed is a form of expression is reasonable and fair. criticism of social, political, about God, love, and of the meanings that if indeed very touching to listen.

Music producer seems reluctant to orbit metal bands. they afraid will not got benefit or even a loss because the bands that bring the metal music does not have commercials value. then no wonder, metal bands always move itself (Independent) to promote and produced songs that they brings.

Should be recognized, metal bands in indonesia, "Relative" hard to reach public sympathy of music lovers. because their music is usually only heard by certain people (segmented) that have the taste and the metal music indeed.

But see metal bands in the foreign (especially USA) that is free to play music, but they remain in demand from the commercials side. Slipknot is an example. how this band is adored by music lovers the world including indonesia, although their music "noisy same" with other metal bands.

But, of late, the metal bands in indonesia began to twist and "appear from the ground" to enliven competition with the mainstream bands in the indonesia. Koil, BurgerKill, Tengkorak, is a few indonesia's metal bands that start get appreciation from indonesian music lovers widely.
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August 04, 2009 6:27 PM ×


I'm working on a blog dedicated to music, in Paris: I would like to share some music from different countries but submitted by people from the country itself.

I'm launching it tomorrow with Australia and the next country is Indonesia. Would you be ok to share a video clip you consider good enough?
If you don't feel like contributing but that you know one of your friend that would, feel free to forward him this mail.
Thanks a lot,


May 30, 2010 2:25 AM ×

Hi there, my name is Campbell, I am from New Zealand. I've been trying very hard to find people to talk to about the heavy metal scene in Indonesia. I am interested in getting Some New Zealand bands in contact with some Indonesian bands so perhaps they may be able to play some shows together in Indonesia and New Zealand. I know this is probably not the best place to ask but any information pointing me in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

August 24, 2010 3:15 PM ×

STORUNG is a European Industrial Metal band ( with lead singer originating from Indonesia. Interested to go to Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand to do some shows.

Thanks for your comment