Marvells is a band from bandung that was formed at around 2007 and play music, Creative Pop. According to one personnel, the marvells name taken from the book of baby names with the meaning of something better. Initially, this band called The Cat (2002), which was released 1 album, entitled "2morrow" with hit song "Kau Dimana". but because the process to continue to second album distance's is too long, The Cat finally decided to switch labels. and in 2007, upon agreement with the label, The Cat, and the Management decided to change The Cat became Marvells. and start everything again from scratch. Marvells first album released in 2007 entitled "Dari Dasar Dunia". on this first album, they invite Yovie Widianto as a producer. but the distribution of this album feel stagnating, they also move to other label again. This time, for the second album, they take shelter under the SMM (Suara Mega Mandiri) record with an album titled "Marvells" (2008) with the hit song "Kisah Aku". This album is quite successful, and make Marvells increasingly popular after the release this album. and in the same year, Marvells release 3 religious songs that is, "Seperti Kapas", "Jangan Tinggalkan Aku", and "Dimana Akhir Ceritaku", which is the expression of their spiritual journey is organized into three continuous story with the theme of their spiritual story.

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