Shaggy Dog

Shaggy Dog is a band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, that appear when Ska Music be a trend in the indonesia's music industry at the end of 90's year. was form on June 1, 1997, this band strengthned by Heru, Richard, Raymond, Bandizt, Lilik & Yoyo agree to take the music they play as a "Doggy Stylee". that is a mix between some elements of music such as ska, reggae, jazz, swing and rock n' roll, and they mixing with their style. long journey to playing music in the path of independent (indie), Shaggy Dog successfully released the first album (1999) with titled the same as the name of their band "Shaggy Dog" (self title), and sold until 20.000 copies. an achievement that's good enough for indie bands. the songs of Shaggy Dog spread not only in Indonesia, in 2003, a recording company in Japan interested to request a song of Shaggy Dog to participate in the compilation album, "Asian Ska Foundation" which contains of the Ska's band in Asia. Unfortunately, only circulating in Japan. "second Girl" is the song that Shaggy Dog included in this compilation. and recently, Shaggy Dog do the cooperation with punk band from Bali, Indonesia, is Superman Is Dead, released the hit single "Jika Kami Bersama" and become a hit in the music industry of indonesia today.

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