Superman Is Dead

Superman is deadSuperman Is Dead (SID), is an Indonesian punk rock band pioneers of Bali, were born and bred in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. The band are three chord attitude-heavy young men. The name 'Superman is Dead' started its' evolution from Stone Temple Pilot's, "Superman Silvergun". The name moved on to "Superman is Dead" cause they like the idea that there's no such thing as a perfect person out there. SID actually stumbled together in 1995, drawn by their common love of Green Day and NOFX. Their influences soon extended to the punk 'n roll genre a la Super suckers, Living End and Social Distortion, and here they stay. They say what they wanna say, how they wanna say it. In your face, to say it precisely. SID is a punk band in the most phenomenal in indonesia feel able to give the music (Rock) to penetrate new dominate mainstream bands in indonesia. In 2003, SID even got a mention in Time (Magazine) Asia. They also won a few music awards "MTV Awards for The Best New Artist 2003", "AMI Awards for The Best New Artist 2003" and nominated again in "AMI Awards 2006 for The Best Rock Album".

Notes : AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia)- Indonesian Music Awards

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