Lip Sync's Parade

Our ear and eyes, almost every day always pampered with "live music" programs in television (indonesia), which shows the singer/band. for singers/bands, with many more events like this on TV, giving many of the "Job" to stage performance. for the new artist/band, this is an opportunity to further introduce themselves to the music lovers community more widely. because the influence impression from television are more likely to push up popularity. and for singers/bands that already exist first, will showing the existence of their music.

But, with the presence of programs with the title of "live music" on television is not necessarily a giving positive impact. there are always things that need to be sacrificed for a purpose named "commercials". you may even agree if the most and almost all of the singers/bands that appear at each event is just Lip Sync. yea ... lip sync. just sing with only simulate movement to singing/playing music from recording of their own songs. even the title is live music, but the music they play no more than or like a karaoke.

An irony in indonesia's music industry which is so enthusiastic today.

Sometimes I think and suspects, what and why they want to do that? whether the authority of a program maker (TV people) that requires a singers/bands to perform a lip sync, to minimize the production cost of a live event that needs a not less costs? or the singers/bands itself does not feel the need to give the total performance (live) for a similar event that, because they usually appear only carries 1-2 songs. so no need to fuss preparation appear to live? or.... they may not believe in themselves because their musical skills is ordinary course...? ;-)

They follow an event such as "The Lip Sync Parade"

But they image will be down. admiration of music lovers who do the idols with lip sync into loss.

See for example. Kuburan band. they almost always appear with lip sync in every music events on television. they more seemed to show humorous image that is formed, with the expense of their musicals skills is good.

I give personal exemption for the band, Samsons. they rarely appear on the lip sync in music events on television. Samsons's always show the live performance, although only acoustic live format (not full music). however, they showed their totality in music and get a reasonable appreciation that should be valued. entertainment that is indeed desired by the music lovers.

Live music can look perfect, because there is a chemistry between the singer/band with the audience. there a vibe that can not be felt, if only to hear the songs from the cassette/CD) (recorded version).

Stop Lip Sync !!!
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