Kuburan Band

Kuburan is the name of a band who got the attention of indonesian music lovers today. the most attention is that they a face make-up like Black Metal/Gothic bands, but their music is easy listening, and very funny. truly refreshing entertainment to music lovers from the saturation of "attacks" by bands with Love nuances in the music industry. Kuburan is a band was formed in Bandung around 2001 year. Initially, Kuburan playing music in the Independent (indie). and in 2006 year, with various obstacles, courage and confidence, Kuburan's the first album released with titled "Greatest Hits Vol.2". although this band seemed to attract only sympathy with the "strange" appearance, but the music they played has quality. the flow of music's they called "Metal Hidrolik" as combining the flow of different types of music, from Jazz, Rock, Metal, Pop, to the Funny Music. Kuburan's famous with a songs "Lupa Lupa Ingat" is very simple and entertaining.

Simply one word for this band, Funny...
Their slogan is: The 2nd Most Gothic Band In The World !!!!
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