The Dance Company

The Dance Company, not a name of a company or a community, but is the name of a band that recently able to steal the attention and give a new feel of the music industry in indonesia. The Dance Company is a new band in indonesia's music industry. but this band is a combination of 4 indonesian top vocalist, and they already exist prior to the band/solo each. they are Pongky Bharata (Jikustik's Vocalist), Aryo Wahab (Movie Stars & Soloist), Baim (ex - Ada Band & Soloist), and Nugie (Alv Band & Soloist). The Dance Company claiming as a rock n roll group that plays up beat music. Different band, does not seem to be exciting with no changes. and they change their top name with other name for them exist with the name when still childs. Nugie as a drummer called Embot, Baim as a guitarist called Bebe, Pongki as a bassist called Wega and Ariyo as lead vocal called Riyo. as a sign to them serious with this band formed, The Dance Company released the first album (mini album, 6 songs) with the hit single are "Papa Rock n 'Roll" and recently launched in Hardrock Cafe Jakarta on June 17, 2009.

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