Nugie is an Indonesian pop singer who is younger brother of the group and vocalist famous band in indonesian KLa Project, namely Katon Baghaskara. Nugie is better known in the music industry is a man who was born in Jakarta August 31, 1971 that have a genuine Agustinus Gusti Nugroho. Nugie's famous as vocalist with hit single "Tertipu" around 2005 in Trilogy Album (Bumi). career as a soloist Nugie, is making an album Trilogy (related), namely "Bumi", "Air", and "Udara". In addition to singing solo, Nugie become the vocalist group ALV Band. In November 2001, the first album released titled "ALV" with a song on "Tak Kasat Mata". This album is not so successful in the market, although not total failure. ALV eventually try again with the second album released in 2003 titled "Senyawa Hati". One single in this album is endangered. Such as single title in their second album, the group eventually disbanded band decided on 2 June 2002. until this time, Nugie not create a new album and are still "asleep" until sometime when.
Hit Song : Tertipu

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