Vagetoz, is a band come from Sukabumi, West Java, that they name quickly reach top popularity at the music industry in indonesia. Vagetoz based in Jakarta and established at around 1999. this band became popular After released the first full album with SonyBMG Indonesia in 2007 with album title "Sesuatu Yang Beda" and the hit single "Betapa Aku Mencintaimu". before the first album release, Vagetos actually has released an album in 2004. but this album is a compilation of songs that rely on "Sebaiknya Aku Pergi". and in 2007, Vagetoz is a champion at the music event (A Mild Live Wanted, West Java regional). but they draw back, and the winner from this event appear a band at this time become the most popular band in indonesia, d'Masiv. the music flow of this band is Pop Emotion, but tend to be "dark", because the lyrics of songs that talk about grief and broken-hearted love. continue the successful the first album, the RBT is able to achieve sales of over 4 million copies, in the year 2008, Vagetoz re-released album with the feel of the religion. with the title album "Kuatkan Aku".

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