Born with the name Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Wardhani Heryadie, or better known as Shanty, was born in jakarta on december 30, 1978, She is an indonesian pop singer. exist before and is renowned as a singer, Shanty is a VJ (Video Jokey) one of the TV music station, MTV (indonesia). slow but sure, reaching Shanty start a career in the entertainment industry while trying to become a Singer. Shanty became popular as a professional singer in the indonesia's music industry when released the first album with titled "Shanty" (Self Title) in 2000, with the song hits "Jatuh Cinta". although the first album not too successful in the music industry indonesia, but Her still consistent with some of the album release next. the second album "Persembahan Dari Hati" (2002), the third album "Seperti Langit" (2005) and fourth album, which is the best shanty album, entitled "9907" in 2007. but all of the albums, Shanty's popular as a great singer after sing a single (non-album), "Hanya Memuji" which is a duet song with a male vocalist of indinesia, Marcell.

in addition, known as singer, Shanty well as movie stars. and some films that have been starring in the show is Berbagi Suami, Detik Terakhir, Maaf, Saya Mengahimili Istri Anda, etc..

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