Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan or better known by the name Marcell, is an indonesian male singer, that was born in Bandung, at September 21, 1977. famous performers as before, Marcell is a drummer from the famous indie band from Bandung, Puppen. In 1998, Marcell decided out of the Puppen, because he was not making them grow music taste and would continue to concentrate of His study. After that His name had drowned from indonesia's music industry. His name sounded again when Marcell form a modern rock band called The Experimental Jetset which is also based in Bandung. Very day and the band disbanded due to incompatibility reasons for the vision and commitment. In 2002, Marcell suddenly recognized by the public with duet on Shanty's (Female Singer) song 'Hanya Memuji' taken from the single song of first album's of Shanty. and in 2003, Marcell released first solo album titled "Marcell" (Self Title) and resulting hit single "Semusim". other than, as musicians and performers, Marcell also famous as the movie star and had acting in the film Andai Ia Tahu. until this time, Marcell is a top male singer in indonesia.

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