HellGods is one of the Black Metal Band that is quite long and can be in the first black metal band in the local underground scence. HellGods was formed in Bandung on September 16, 1995 which was originally a band jam session of the personnels that a combination of several bands. HellGods took the music concept of Extreme Violence Black Metal then added with mystical elements, the darkness and the greatness. HellGods's music influenced by other Metal Bands such as, The Abyss, Emperor, Satyricon, Cradle Of Filth, etc. HellGods name begin popular by indonesia's music lovers community more widely and not limited only underground music fans, after involved in a compilation album entitled "Metalik Klinik" first edition (1997) together with indonesian famous metal bands such as Tengkorak, Betrayer, etc, with the song that became hits, "Kabut Keabadian".

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