Rita Effendy

Around the year 90's, so many indonesian female singers who have good vocal quality. and one of the best performers is Rita Effendy. Rita Effendy has the full name of Kurniawati Rita Effendy, born in Bandung, West Java, April 26, 1969. Rita Effendy name as an indonesian famous pop singer with the hit single "Januari di Kota Dili". than as a soloist, Rita Effendy also had become as a vocalist of Kahitna band in first formation, and joined in the vocal group, Elfa's Singers. Rita Effendy has released several albums that have been "Telah Terbiasa" (1995), "Saling Setia" (1996), "Maha Melihat Maha Mendengar" (1998), "Simfoni Negeriku" (1998), "Salahkan Rembulan" (1998), "Perempuan" (2000), and "Sendiri" (2006). in addition to the achievements in the country, singing career Rita Effendy also successful in asia. like as champion in the Young Star Contest in Taiwan (1990), champion in Explotion Band Contest in Japan (1991), and champion in the Asian Pop Song Festival in 2000 in Manila. until now, Rita Effendy sinking from indonesia's music industry and have not released a new album again.

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