Promote Songs & Sell on the Internet

Music and technology are two things that are very closely related and can not be separated in the development of modern world music. music has become a commodity in an industry (Music). even in the UK, music is a commodity that provides benefits and income to the state.

With the support of technology, music is becoming increasingly easy on the composition and quality of the "relatively" good. for the quality of performance is relative, because this depends on the creativity of each individual to a make music with a good technology that is used.

Create a work of music at this time can even be done alone at home. not like a few years ago, the recording (recording) is like "dream" for most amateur musicians/beginners. because the tools to do the music recording is very expensive. but at this time, with the support of the technology is relatively simple and cheap music can be made by anyone during the music taste and has the goal of making music. and when this is called a "Digital Recording Time".

Promote Songs & Sell on the Internet

You as individuals or joined in a band/music group works have music/song? of course you want to make the songs popular and you can generate a material profit. for a serious of steps to realized already starts you do. surely you want the song/music work by the company you seed by Major Label. because the more popular and provide quick profits that big. Major labels have a wide the distribution network and the campaign that is managed professionally and involve many elements.

But for those of you that own or independent (Indie) of alternatives to promote and sell songs via the Internet. yupz, Internet is providing a multimedia for many people who truly utilize. even at this time, artist or band that has been popular, the internet as a media campaign that is very reliable. time has changed. and we must follow the change.

I only want to share about some of few sites from many sites on the Internet that can be used as powerful means to promote and sell the song/music you work/have. are:

  • Reverbnation - this is the site of musicians began to be popular independent world as a powerful medium for the campaign. you can even track with the help Reverbnation sold through a network of online music stores such as the world's most popular, iTunes, Amazon, AMIE Street, etc..
  • IM:Port Musik - musicians community site owned of indonesian musicians, Anang Hermansyah. This site is very strategic for the promotion of the band/singer mainly Indie. go ahead coast there for registration

Meanwhile, only this I can share. if there are others, I will add. for those of you that do websites as a media campaign and sell a song on the internet, come share it with friends through other musicians comment below ...


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